Meet Paul, new C.O. Team Member

Paul has been with CarveOn for a couple of weeks now, but we’re pumped to finally introduce him here on the blog. We’ve been so happy to have Paul as a member of the team! He brings a very interesting dynamic to the workshop and we love his ideas to date. Expect some pretty amazing products very soon. 

He is a qualified and seasoned Product & Industrial Designer with a keen interest in contemporary design. After graduating from design school he worked in Finland where he developed an appreciation for their use of quality natural materials and functional design processes.  

What we have learned about him: Paul is 28, a native of Kildare, is engaged, loves photography, uses a Canon (boo #NikonForLife), has a broad range of jazz inclusive musical tastes, used to teach Sign-Language night classes, loves sketching with a blue pen, worked at Starbucks in a past life, and has a pretty serious interest in all things equine.

You are officially welcome to the team.  


P  A  U  L    T  A  L  B  O  T