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Corporate Enquiries

We have bulk pricing available on our full range. The quality of our goods along with our customisation capabilities make us a popular choice for a growing number of corporate clients. Whether thanking valued clients or just ensuring staff are stylishly representing your brand, we have you covered. We've developed friendly working relationships with corporate clients and work with them on interesting bespoke solutions throughout the year.

If you think we can help your brand, email us here and tell us what you have in mind.


All products that offer customisation have an input field for you to enter the text you want placed on your purchase. We love custom art and design so if you want something unique, just email the design to hello@carveon.com. Please ensure images are high resolution (300dpi+)  i.e. not pixelated. We convert all artwork to black and white for use with our processes. We accept the following files types: Al, EPS, PSD, JPG, PNG, TIFF. 

Please ensure you have the necessary permissions if using corporate logos or any copyrighted material. 

Refunds are not possible on products that have been personalised unless there is an issue with the product itself. 


Vegetable Tanned Leather

Strong, durable and resilient; no other material compares to our premium grade, vegetable tanned Italian leather. Each aniline dyed leather product looks fantastic out of the box; and only improves with age. Based in Tuscany, our suppliers are members of the Pelle Conciata al Vegetale; the most highly respected association of tanneries. Using time honoured processes to produce a truly exceptional product, the hides are aged for up to 40 days in natural tannins extracted from Ligurian chestnut and Argentinean quebracho trees and are finished a combination of natural wax emulsions and bees' wax.

We only use 'Full Grain' leather hides. Full Grain comes from the top layer of the hide which has all of the grain, therefore, 'full' grain. The natural surface of full grain leather burnishes and beautifies with use. It is the best leather money can buy and the only leather good enough for CarveOn.

While CarveOn products are built to last a lifetime, a little TLC can greatly enhance their longevity.

Leather Care Tips
  1. Should your leather get overly wet, simply dry it slowly. Speed drying creates a change to the chemical structure of leather. We recommend room temperature drying with gentle air currents rather than applying a direct heat source such as a hair-dryer or radiator.
  2. Dry leather is thirsty leather. If the leather begins to exhibit signs of desiccation just gently rub a light leather dressing or natural cream into it. We heartily recommend the Tandy Leather Factory's natural Eco-Flo Professional Conditioner Crème (or similar). Keep in mind that conditioning leather usually darkens it slightly. Don't worry, this is normal and should dry out. After applying simply allow to dry and buff out with a lint free cloth.
  3. If your leather gets dirty, clean it with a damp cloth preferably or alternatively use a mild castile soap / hand dishwashing liquid, diluted at least 1:10 (it should not be sudsy), and allow to dry before conditioning.
  4. Natural products, such as leather, need to breathe; so please don't wrap it in plastic.

We love experimenting with new materials so we often run limited edition products in new materials, if you’d like to get notified of them and our offers, sign up for our newsletter.


A handmade, personalised accessory is a great gift. To order a gift voucher, order them here. When using a gift voucher, if the order exceeds the amount of the voucher, the balance must be paid with a credit card or other accepted payment method.  


We accept all major debit and credit cards through our extremely secure checkout. We have two payment processing options, SagePay and PayPal. 

Images vs. Reality

There maybe slight differences in the leather colour and texture due to variations in different hides, but that’s part of the beauty of using natural materials. Natural marks may vary from product to product. These slight differences will only add to its uniqueness and character. 

Retail Enquiries

We have a number of strategic retail partners, however, at present we are predominantly focussing on growing our direct sales. To register your interest please email us here.

Media Enquiries

We are trying to get the word out. Reviewers / bloggers - can use the following Brand Assets. Please use the white logo on coloured backgrounds, and the dark logo on light backgrounds. For media inquiries, please contact pr@carveon.com.

CarveOn Woodpecker Dark Background small
eps, jpg or png
CarveOn Woodpecker Light Background Small
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Be Nice

We’ve made vector versions of our logo and marks. Here’s a friendly legal reminder that all these graphics are proprietary and protected under existing intellectual property laws.


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