Our Leather

At CarveOn we take pride in the leather we use. Using high-quality leather we only work with the best suppliers to guarantee the highest quality leather goods for our customers.

Our leather comes from a family-run tannery in Tuscany. We only work with suppliers who are members of the Pelle Conciata al Vegetale; the most highly respected association of tanneries.

Using time-honored processes to produce a truly exceptional product, the hides are aged for up to 40 days in natural tannins extracted from Ligurian chestnut and Argentinean quebracho trees and are finished with a combination of natural wax emulsions and bees' wax.

We Only Use Full Grain Leather

Full Grain comes from the top layer of the hide which has all of the grain, therefore, 'full' grain. The natural surface of full grain leather burnishes and beautifies with use. It is the best leather money can buy and the only leather good enough for our customers.

Leather Patina Explained

Leather is one of the few materials in the world that gets better over time. Like human skin, it shows age just like we do. This is what we refer to as Patina. Leather Patina is what makes full-grain leather stand apart from its
lessened peers. Leather patina is something that is developed from everyday use. From the scratches on your notebook to the marks on your wallet. It’s a process that cannot be replicated through artificial processes and takes years to develop naturally.

A number of factors contribute to how patina develops:
- Time
- Body oils
- Moisture in the air
- Sunlight
- Scratches
- Leather naturally oxidises